Do you have a pre-service agreement?


Yes, we have a comprehensive agreement that cover's what we'll do and the agreed payment terms - for your peace of mind and our protection.

Do you offer guarantees? (all new clients please read)


No. We can and will only offer genuine, honest and realistic advise in good faith. We will never guarantee any particular outcome in terms of revenue, success, visibility or account performance.

We encourage all clients to consider the following before working with us -

What we will guarantee is that we'll do the work we've agreed, within the remit of a pre-service contract.

We won't take on work where aren't confident of success - although we are realistic to the challenges of today's eCommerce landscape. There are very rarely magic-wand fixes, and most get-rich-quick stories you read are simply false.

There will be responsibilities our clients also have; in meeting these, it allows us to do our job better. We'll discuss this as and when we get to know your business, before embarking on any project together.

No one knows everything - if we're not sure, we'll do our best to find out and present our recommendations to you.

Success is a long-view game; requiring tenacity and patience, especially if trading on eBay and Amazon. Of course, you may be a well-established seller seeking to get to the next level; we'll advise that making any changes, there's always a risk of flux and change. And we'll do our level best to apprise you of the risks, and mitigate such.

If we're working with your company on SEO and paid search, and will always guide you with integrity and honesty and help you avoid unnecessary spend. But again, we'll never guarantee X results.

Whatever the service, before taking on any work, and at intervals thereafter, will walk you through the challenges and monitor the outcome closely using agreed performance indicators.

Lastly, at all stages, we'll be on hand to discuss aspirations, goals and concerns before providing our professional recommendations. We believe in open communication and honesty, and we strive at all times to do the best job we can.

Does NetSeek ever utilise blackhat techniques to trick marketplaces, Google, etc? (short answer, no!)


Absolutely not! NetSeek never employ underhand methods, black-hat techniques, or spamming of any kind, in an attempt to ‘trick’ Google or any marketplace. We consult our clients on the rules and policies and endeavour at all times to stay firmly within them.

Regardless, we always ask our clients take time themselves to understand the nuances and guidelines of each marketplace and also read Google's webmaster guidelines. There are undoubtedly many ‘grey areas’ - when we are unsure, we will often take the more conservative path.

In working with us, you agree to accept full responsibility for your website, paid search and/ or marketplace account.

Unfortunately, as in any industry, there are some less scrupulous firms who may guarantee results and never educate the client as to what they are actually doing – whether employing such techniques deliberately, or simply through a lack of real understanding. Such firms believe in doing whatever it takes to get a site or your product listings to the top of search results - but over time, this approach is very likely to ultimately render your site or listings penalized or supressed, and your account possibly suspended or worse, your business blacklisted.

For our Amazon and eBay customers, we will never encourage false purchases for the purpose of reviews or feedback.

Important note: we reserve the right to break any contract or pause our undertaking of work, if we believe our client has intentionally abused policies in any manner which may compromise our own professional integrity and reputation. This has never happened to us, and we hope it never will.

Are your website designs / product listing pages SEO 'friendly'?


Absolutely. Although we adopt a user-first attitude. Simply optimising for Google is unlikely to see the results you want. Much like stuffing Amazon product page titles or bullet points with excessive keywords; it'll hardly impress your buyers.

Whether we are designing a site from scratch, or re-designing, we’ll always sit down with the client to establish clear requirements, and the best strategy for ensuring their design and copy is congruent with their audience, and he increasingly demanding search engine algorithms.

The same applies to landing page and product listing optimisation; we don't seek to 'game' the system (which is extremely difficult anyway) but to ensure your products and landing pages are presented in the clearest, most professional, descriptive way possible. This will likely lead to an uplift in sales which will certainly help with visibility in search.

Of course, there's much more to SEO and optimisation than we'll discuss here - please read throughout our site to get a better handle on how we work, and of course, feel free to book a FREE one-hour consultation.

Questions to ask us (or any other Agency) - important


At NetSeek we believe that you should prepare your questions careful to screen any potential consultants, agency or service providers. Indeed, with respect, we'll have questions for you.

We have moved this particular part of the FAQ to our about page - please take a moment to read it, as we think it's rather important.

Why should I trust NetSeek?


Our expertise hasn't been developed overnight but through two decades experience of learning what works, and what doesn't. NetSeek was established in 1998, and if we haven't learned a few things since then, we're doing something very wrong.

Please refer to our portfolio and testimonial pages. And if you'd like extended case scenarios, we are happy to provide (subject to client or ex-client approval).

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes – from a 'household-name' brands to self-starters. We've learned from our work.

We take a strictly ethical, proactive approach to working with our clients. Not simply for them. We educate, consult and train our clients so they can truly understand what we are doing, and why.