The Art of SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting is all about ensuring your website copy works as well for your visitors as it does Google et al. There's no science or algorithmic trickery involved to help your site ascend the mantlepiece of Google. It requires trial and error and an understanding of what will really drives your visitors.

Naturally, what works for your users should please the search engines. Sounds simple? Striking a balance of punchy, engaging text that helps imbues confidence and interest in your website visitors, and guides them from first-click to engagement - whilst ensuring you have the right keywords, with sufficient density, proximity and frequency - is more of a fine-art. Each business is unique and it requires more than a small degree of forethought and planning, not to mention test and iteration, to get it right.

And whilst search engine optimisation copywriting is indeed only one aspect of SEO, we can show you our approach to helping ensure your website is primed for prominence. We can also assist you with the other stuff, too.

copywriting_seo SEO Copywriting Training & Consultancy - Designed for You

Want to keep your content creation and copywriting in-house, but need the guidance of a savvy SEO copywriting consultant? With over 20 years experiencing creating and editing websites of all types sizes (granted, Google wasn't especially important back in the early days!), we are adept at tailoring our skills to meet your both your budget and precise needs. From a helping editorial hand, to full-service multimedia copywriting solution.

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Simply complete our quick Free SEO audit/ consultation enquiry form here, and we'll contact you to arrange a screenshare consultation, where we can highlight potential areas of improvements and offer honest advise, without any commitment needed on your part. Beyond that, should you wish to engage NetSeek to undertake a SEO copywriting training workshop for your business, we'll gladly put together a programme that suits your needs, bugdget, resources and level of experience.

We'll show you how to ...

  • Create copy that will immediately harness your visitors' attention
  • Create keyword opportunities without compromising readability
  • Researching and adding keywords & key phrases for SEO
  • Understand 'keyword frequency, proximity & relevancy'
  • Increase your conversions from first click to checkout
  • How page layout & images can affect readability
  • Social media content and generating traffic
  • What not to do - avoiding SEO 'overkill'
  • And much more...

SEO Copywriting Training & Consultancy

If you're short on time or resources, our SEO copywriting training can be designed to walk you through all aspects of crafting unique content to meet both the needs of your visitors and Google. We can show you our unique, organic approach to creating catchy copy that works for both your visitors and the search engines; starting with researching the right balance of keywords. Research and organisation is also key. Cramming in keywords across your site without much in the way of 'thematic relevancy' is unlikely help your rankings and could render your copy a tad confusing.

As professional website copywriters, we believe great content should never be an afterthought. SEO copywriting - putting the puzzle in place A copywriter worth their salt will also encourage you to keep track of your changes, so you can create and benchmark goals, analyse user-engagement and flow (field-testing and Google Analytics comes to mind here), and monitor your site's coverage on Google. We'll also show you how to integrate keywords into your site structute and meta titles - it's not just page prose that counts.

Put simply, balanced keyword density and proximity, in harmony with your sales messages and visual style, is critical for both search engine coverage and optimum readability.

Complete our FREE CONSULTATION form for a no-obligation website SEO copywriting assessment - or feel free to call our London office on 01932 700416 to discuss your requirements.